Outdoor Running Versus Running on A Treadmill. What Is Best for You?

Running outside versus running on a treadmill has always been a debatable topic among runners. Every individual runner has it’s own opinions on this debate and hence they have chosen their way to run.

But if you are still wondering where it is better to practice your runs and want to know about running outside versus running on a treadmill then lets dive deep into this debate to find out the pros and cons of running outside and running on a treadmill.

To get to the verdict lets first look at the pros and cons of running outside.

pros of Outdoor running.

Outdoor Running Burns More Calories.

Outdoor running needs more energy than running on a treadmill because outdoor running gives more muscle aviation as you have to land your feet on the ununiformed surface.

Outdoors running exposes you to different ground variations where you have to balance your body.

Continuous variations in aviation demand more energy which helps runners to burn more calories.

So if you are planning to start running to lose some weight than outdoor running would be of great help.

You Breathe Fresh Air.

Outdoor running is more natural and it allows you to breathe fresh air which is good for your health.

Runners find it more enjoyable as you are exposed to multiple experiences in various types of weather. Beginner runners running outdoors are more likely to do it again.

Research at the University Of Exeter has also proved that outdoors running improves your mood as well it is good for your mental health.

You are open to sunlight which provides you with Vitamin D.

You Are Better Trained For Marathon

All marathons are outdoors, hence outdoor running is more beneficial for you if you are training for a marathon.

Outdoor running trains you to run on the ununiformed ground level which help you on race day to run through different grounds and gives you the strength to face the aviation.

By outdoor running you are also trained to run in various weather conditions.

Race day is always full of surprises which are out of your control. A runner who trained for a marathon by running outdoors will be always ready for unexpected weather changes.

Even running coaches train their students outdoor for long distance marathons.

Check out our tips for long-distance marathon running training.

It’s Damn Motivating.

Outdoor Running is more motivating than compared to treadmill running.

At any given time if you think to stop, still you have to keep going as you have to reach home.

Plus outdoor running motivates you to cover the distance and run from one location to another.

Less Chance Of Getting Injured.

As your leg muscles are tested on various parameters, they become strong and hence there is less chance of getting injured in long-term.

On a treadmill, you run at the same type of ground which leads to overuse of few muscles and tissues and hence it can be harmful.

In outdoor running you make turns, you run on a downward slope all these are majorly missing while running on a treadmill.

While running on different ground levels your muscles develop a strength which enables you to run stronger.

Cons of running outside.

Unpredictable Weather Changes

While outdoor running you have to face a challenge which is completely out of your control, that is WEATHER CHANGES.

Weather change is unavoidable and you have to run through wind, rain or a hot sunny day.

Your city may surprise you with weather changes which makes your outdoor running harder because our body cannot perform at its best in different weather.

It Can Be Dangerous

Apart from fluctuating weather, there are other hazards which may affect your run.

Hazards like vehicle traffic, attackers, dogs, falls, etc. may adversely affect your good run.

pros of running on A treadmill.

Benefits Of Controlled Environment

The most major benefit of running on a treadmill is that you can run in a controlled environment.

Your run is not affected by changes in weather. Even if uncertain changes in the external environment happens you still can stick to your training plan and keep improving your run.

While running on a treadmill you are safe from humidity which causes quick dehydration.

On running on a treadmill you can run in a temperature which is suited for your body which helps you to boost your running performance.

Complete Control On Your Pace.

If you want to improve your pace running on a treadmill is a great option.

On a treadmill, you can consistently maintain your pace. You don’t need to continuously keep an eye on your watch.

If you are returning from injury and want to start slow and steady running on a treadmill is the best option.

Running on a treadmill helps you to track your speed and mileage accurately.

The rotating belt below your feet helps you to maintain the speed you want.

It’s Convenient.

If you own a treadmill, then you can go for a run at any time as per your convenience.

You won’t skip your run due to late-night work or an early morning meeting.

You can run on a treadmill as per your convenience during the day, night and also while managing your other responsibilities.

Great For Beginner Runners.

Running on a treadmill is great for beginners because it’s easier on joints as treadmills have shock absorptions.

Beginner runners can start slow and can consistently improve on their pace.

For some beginner runners, running on pavement and changing weather conditions is challenging. Hence running on a treadmill can be a great option for them.

cons of running on a treadmill.

You Cannot Run Downhill.

You can run on an upwards slop but most of the treadmills don’t have the downwards incline slope which is necessary to strengthen your Tibialis Anterior muscles.

Tibialis Anterior muscles are important to boost your running performance.

Click here to read more about Tibialis Anterior

You Cannot Take Turns.

You cannot take turns on a treadmill, No matter how advanced treadmill you get, you cannot change directions on a treadmill.

This limits you to boost your lateral agility, which is important to strengthen you ankles.

Treadmill Is Boring.

In spite of being useful equipment for running, after some point of time running on a treadmill becomes boring.

As you are running on a treadmill you are not changing your location, you continuously have the same view.

Running outdoor gives you adventure which is completely missing on a treadmill.

You Can Still Get Injured.

While running on a treadmill you are running on the same kind of ground surface for a longer period.

Hence you may get injured due to overuse of specific muscles. That’s the reason treadmill is not recommended for long-distance running.

Bottom Line.

Well, it’s a personal opinion if you want to run on a treadmill or you want to run outdoor.

If your goal behind running is just to increase cardiovascular fitness then a treadmill is a great option for you. As you can run on a consistent speed and treadmill also helps you to track your speed and distance accurately.

But if you are planning to run a marathon then nothing can replace outdoor running. Through outdoor running, you are tested on all parameters.

You get used to weather changes, changes in ground and you also learn to overcome the mental obstacle.

While running outdoor you can also make friends by joining a running group in your locality. Click here to check the benefits of running with a group.

In nutshell, choose any one which is best and convenient for you as per your need.

Let us know in the comments below what is your favourite outdoor running or running on treadmill?

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What Are the Benefits of Running With a Group

Running is considered as a solo sport and if you haven’t tried group running yet, you are missing the major fun of running. Running with a group running has so many benefits over running solo. If you haven’t experienced running with a group dive in to know everything about running with a group.

What is Group Running?

Group running is training for the marathon with other runners in your locality. These running groups are formed by gyms, fitness enthusiasts, experienced runners, etc. and anyone can join the group regardless of what level of runner you are.

Usually, there are no restrictions to join such groups unless you have any medical issues or had some severe injuries in the past.

The group consists of all kinds of runners from elite to beginners. Every group has a proper training plan which they follow by meeting several times a week. All runners help each other to improve their running form.

Even if you are a beginner runner you will always find a runner with the same capabilities as you in the group. There are sub-groups under the large group. These sub-groups are divided as per the running ability of the runners.

Group Running Guidelines

Well, there are some guidelines if you want to join the running group in your area. These guidelines do not apply to all groups, but if you want to have most out of running with a group then its better to adhere to these guidelines.

  1. It’s better to leave your earphones at your home. One of the important motives of group running is to make friends while running.
  2. Always be on or before time. This is the basic etiquette you need to follow because staying behind everyone is no fun and discipline will make you a good runner.
  3. Always stay humble and try to help your co-runners. There may be some runners in the group who are not as good as you, so you need to help other runners.
  4. Follow the traffic rules. Runners should run together and at one side of the road, so that vehicle traffic is not disturbed.
  5. Be careful before spiting, blowing your nose, etc. Don’t spoil the morning of other runners.
  6. Always communicate with your fellow runners. Even if you are an introvert try to start a conversation with runners. Because you all are sharing the same love for the run, so it will be fun to share some knowledge about running.

Benefits of Running With a Group

Get to Socialize

When you start running with a group, running becomes a group sport. You get a chance to interact with people who share a common interests. Many have found spouse, friends, etc in their running group.

Many runners travel for international marathons with friends they have made in their running groups.

Many running groups organize their internal marathon or other running events which makes creates a strong bond among the members of the group.

Great Source of Motivation

Running with a group becomes a great motivational factor. It’s hard to motivate yourself to train consistently for marathons if you are running solo (if you can motivate yourself then that’s cherry on the cake).

Group running motivates you to push yourself harder. While running, your fellow runners keep you motivated. Daily you will have the excitement in you to run with your runner friends.


It is always safe to run with a group than running an individual. Runners sometimes run early morning on an empty street which may generate fear in runners minds. In group running you always have the company of your fellow runners.

There is a less chance of getting lost as everyone stays together throughout the route and even if you take a wrong turn, your fellow runners are always there to guide you.

Learn From Others

This is the number one rule of a group running that you have to learn from better runners and help those who are not better than you. There is a pearl of collective wisdom in every running group which motivates every runner to share the knowledge of running with each other.

As you start running with running groups you will gradually see improvement in your running form, endurance, technique, etc. Runners love to talk about running while running.

Reduced Boredom

Sometimes when the weather is not good then running solo feels little boring right?

Well, it’s difficult to get bored while running with a group. As you run with a group you discover new routes and there are always fellow runners to chat while running which always keeps your mood up for running.


In nutshell running with a group will benefit you in multiple ways. It will certainly make you a better runner and will give you exposure to more techniques of running. I will surely recommend you to join any running group in your city/locality and enjoy the experience.

Do you run with any group? If yes please let us know the name and the city in the comments so that others who are searching for running groups will find it easy to join the group.

Reference – https://runningbrina.com/

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