Why Warm-up Exercises Are Important Before Run?

Everyone runner knows that warm-up is necessary to improve running performance.

In spite of this, runners usually tend to skip warm-up exercises to begin your workout. In such cases, benefits of warm-up exercises are overlooked and this may lead to injuries.

Doing warm-up exercises is crucial especially doing intensive exercise like long-distance running.

Before going for a run or before doing any physical activity you need to ease your muscles and joints by doing some warm-up exercises.

Benefits Of Warm-Up Exercises

Warm-up prepares your body to start intense workout like running. If you are going for an early run then warm-up helps you release your muscles and joints which gets static due to sleep. The muscles and joints get loose which helps you to move them freely with ease.

Following are the reasons why we recommend every runner not to miss warm-up exercises.

Increase In Body Temperature.

When you warm-up the blood starts flowing faster which leads to increase in body temperature. As the temperature goes up the oxygen is readily available to active muscles.

This increases the endurance of runners and helps them to run comfortably for longer distance.

Low Risk Of Injury.

Warming-up releases your muscles and joints which makes you move them freely without any pain.

It gently prepares your muscles for the workout by increasing the oxygen level in the blood.

Keeping the muscles warm-up will help you to prevent acute injuries like hamstring muscle strain and ankles sprains.

Increased Flexibility.

The increase in blood flow to active muscles increases the temperature of muscles which reduces the muscles stiffness and hence increase the flexibility.

The improved flexibility will make you a good runner, as flexibility helps you to stick to good form while running.

It also helps you to increase the range of motion of your muscles and joints.

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Improved Performance.

I have mentioned earlier as well that warming-up will help you to boost your running and overall athletic performance.

Studies have observed that warming-up helps you to move your muscles effectively and efficiently.

Sports industry have observed over the years that warm-up exercises are equally important as practising the game.

Effortless Performance.

Warm-up makes your joints and muscles ready to get in the activity. This helps you to perform at your best with minimal effort.

People who skip warm-ups tend to take time as their body temperature is low. Hence, for effortless performance, one needs to have a proper warm-up.

A good effortless run also helps to improve your long-distance running

How Much Do You Need To Warm-up?

A warm-up exercise should include all essential muscles. It should fasten your heart rate, this will help to increase the oxygen level in the body.

The amount of time you should warm-up depends on its intensity. We recommend that a moderate intensity warm-up should 10 minutes.

This is sufficient to activate your muscles and joints for having a great run.

But then the question arises what all types of warm-up exercises should we do?
Basic push-ups, squats, crunches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high knees and some stretching can be a great warm-up.

Bottom Line

Finding a perfect warm-up exercise is an individual decision. Every runner can find a perfect warm-up through experience and experimentations.

Try different types of warm-up exercise and decide which suits you best. Important part is one should not skip warm-up as it avoids risk of injuries.

Addition to this one can also develop his flexibility and joints movement by doing warm-up exercises.

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