Not to confuse me with Running Coach, Nutritionist, Fitness Coach etc. I’m NONE of these, not today, at least!

So Who Am I?

A barefoot runner, a yoga practitioner, a sports enthusiast, and a minimalist person. i started this blog.

I have noticed that there are lots of fitness misconceptions which the majority of people believe in.
Through my blog, I want to spread awareness about running, yoga, and mindfulness.

I believe running is the best and the most cost-effective workout to keep yourself fit.

Stay tuned to know more about running, yoga, and mindfulness.

About – get Holistic Fit

I started this blog for spreading awareness of Holistic Fitness. I have noticed there are so many misconceptions regarding fitness. People have been misled and they have started believing in myths about fitness.

Today’s traditional gym approach has convinced most of the people that fitness means an appealing appearance which is pleasing to others’ eye.

The advertisements communicate that a muscular body with six-packs abs is necessary to achieve fitness. They show such models in their advertisements which is misinforming the audience.
This has led people to believe that gyms are important to be fit and one needs a muscular body to call themselves fit.

But this isn’t true right? Fitness is much more than having an attractive body. It’s not about just being fit, it’s about getting holistic fit which includes being physically fit and also building emotional health.

Holistic fitness targets overall fitness which is much wider and more fulfilling than the traditional gym approach.

Get Holistic Fit – Mission

Yes, we in Get Holistic Fit are on a mission, a simple one but a life-changing one.

Our mission is simple, i.e to spread the awareness of holistic fitness through running, yoga, and mindfulness.
We are not here to motivate or make you an elite athlete, we are on a mission to build a habit of healthy living for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We are on a mission to eradicate the myths of fitness and making you believe that being fit is not a daunting task but it’s just the way of living and through our simple guide you can achieve a holistic healthy lifestyle.

We are on a mission to promote the benefits of running, yoga, and mindfulness. Because we strongly believe that these three can help you achieve holistic fitness.