Why Runners Need to Improve Their Core Strength?

If you are a runner then you may have encountered this question multiple times.

Why does a runner need to have a strong core?

A runner needs to have strong legs but how does a strong core help a runner to boost his running performance?

Weather you are running on a treadmill or running outdoor, core strength is necessary for both.

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Let’s find out the benefits of core strength and how it will improve your running form and running performance.

What Is Core Strength?

Core strength is crucial for overall fitness, it not just helps you to improve your running but overall athletic performance. Apart from crunches and other abs workout, core strength workout are usually neglected which leads to a lack of strength in the core.

Major core muscles are located in abdominal muscles, middle back and lower back. Muscles located here will help you to maintain balance and build a strong torso.

Let’s look at the benefits of having a strong core.

Benefits Of Core Strength.

Core Strength Helps Prevent Injuries

A strong core will help you to have stability while running. Every movement starts from the core hence keeping core strong is crucial for extraordinary athletic performance.

Experts say that when you have your core strong, everything settles well.

The improved stability will help you to have a proper distribution of pressure among your other muscles. It will help you to reduce pressure on your back, hips and knees. This will prevent you from injuries.

Runners having a strong core don’t face problems like back pain, knee pain, abdomen pain etc.

Better Running Posture.

If your core is strong you will boost your confidence while running or doing any athletic activity.

A strong posture helps to improve your posture while running. As it builds your stability, your torso remains strong.

A strong core helps pelvis, lower back and hips to work together smoothly and efficiently.

By having an excellent posture while running you can run longer with minimum efforts.

Core strength also improves balance which helps you to balance yourself if you have small or large miss-step.

An elite running posture significantly has a positive impact on your running ability. Running seems easy and you start to enjoy runs once you have a proper posture.

Proper posture while running helps the runner to comfortably sustain long-distance running.

Reduces Back Pain

A weak core is a major reason for back pain. Especially for runners who don’t focus on strengthening core usually have back pain while running.

This has lead people to believe in a myth that running causes back pain. Running doesn’t have any drawbacks if you run in a proper form.

When you will work on your core you will experience the difference in your running form which will prevent back pain.

Research has proven that people with strong core tend to run longer distance comfortable without any agony.

Exercises To Improve Core Strength.

Runners should include some core strength workout on the strength day to build a strong core.

Building core strength is crucial for runners as it helps them to improve their running form and also prevents injuries such as knee injury, back pain, etc.

There are many core exercises which can help you a core strength you desire.

Following are some core exercises which you should definitely try to build a strong core.


Crunches are the best way to improve your core strength. Unlike situps crunches majorly work on your abdominal muscles.

This is an intensive workout which will help you to get abs and to build a strong core.

3 sets of 30 crunches will be great for beginners.


Plank strengths your spine, rhomboids and your abdominal muscles. This helps you to build a strong core and to achieve great body posture.vIt makes your muscles stable and improves your balance.

You should do plank regularly for 60 seconds and repeat it for 3 times. It would be amazing if you could do 3 minutes without break.

Doing plank seems easy but you need to practice consistently to hold it for 60 seconds.

Leg Raises.

Leg raises is another great workout which builds a strong core. It’s an effective way to build your lower abs.

Doing leg raises frequently will tone your abdomen muscles which are essential for building a strong core.

If you are a beginner then initially it may seem very difficult to lift-up your legs but consistently practising will help you to do leg raises comfortably.

To see better results do leg raises 3 times a week. 3 sets of 30 leg raises will be great.

These exercises should be definitely include in warm-up exercises for better results.

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Does Yoga Helps To Strengthen Core.

You won’t get six packs ab by doing yoga but it will surely help you to build a strong core.

Yoga includes some poses which strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles and helps to improve body balance.

Yoga is all about finding a proper balance while doing poses, by balancing your body you build a strong core and spine.

Many runners include yoga in their training plan as it helps to improve body posture as well.


You may be a runner, a sportsperson or an athlete, you need to develop your core strength for boosting your performance. It will prevent you from injuries as well as will improve your body balance.

Usually, athletes mainly focus on muscles which are visible to eyes such as forearm muscles, biceps, abs etc. but many aspiring athletes miss out on core exercises which are equally important.

Hence, next time when you are making your training plan you better don’t miss out on building a strong core.

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