Sleep – A Best Recovery for your mind and body.

These days benefits of sleeping have been underestimated a lot. Very few consider sleep as an important factor for staying fit. Reason being is that in our day to day schedule we prioritize our work and other responsibilities in such a way that our sleep patterns are usually disturbed.

It is totally understandable that each one of us have different responsibilities or some unexpected work pops up and we have to work till late night to meet our deadlines. But specifically in younger generation this isn’t the case. Misconception has been created that sleep is for weak. In younger generation staying up late till night by scrolling social media accounts or binge watching a favorite show on Netflix is considered cool. Staying up late has become part of our schedule and that’s what we should stop.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.

– Benjamin Franklin

The above saying is so true yet usually ignored. Our sleeping patterns certainly has influence on our mind as well as on our body. Having sufficient sleep cannot be ignored if you want to have a healthy lifestyle.

So lets first highlight the importance of Sleep.

Sufficient sleep has positive impact on your mind as well as on your body.

Positive influence on Mind

A sufficient sleep is essential for healthy mind. It reduces the stress hormone which are generated due to our hectic lifestyle. The brain functionality improves due to sleep, it improves creative thinking, memory and decision making skills. Research have shown lack of sleep is also major reason behind depression and anxiety.

When we sleep our brain is completely active specially when we are in deep sleep, that is the period we get vivid dreams. This stage of sleep is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

If you are going to have a brainstorming session for ideation and conceptualization where you have to think creatively, a better sleep would boost your performance.

Positive Influence on Body

Have you ever thought why all athletes are so particular regarding their sleeping patterns. Sleep has many essential benefits on your body and also improves your athletic performance. Sleeping is also considered as best recovery for you muscles whenever you have intensive workout. Sleeping is the integral part of recovery and it also improves athletic performance and gives competitive success.

Athletes find it difficult to meet minimum requirement of sleep due to stress, travel etc. An athlete goes through intensive physical workout which leads to excessive use of muscles and tissues. Research have proven that the recovery of muscles and tissue takes place when body is at complete rest.

If you are an athlete or aspiring to become one, then you should be aware of how exactly sleep will boost your athletic performance. Click here to find out how sleep will improvise your athletic performance.

Just like him you will be ahead of the competition!

For spreading the awareness of sleep, back in 2018 India’s fitness Icon and my inspiration for barefoot running Milind Soman came up with a brilliant idea, a 7 hour marathon everyday… it seems overwhelming right? How can you run for seven hours daily…but what he actually meant was he will sleep for 7 hours daily. Motive was to spread awareness of sleep as he rightly said in an interview that sleep is an important pillar for a healthy lifestyle.

Watch this video as Milind Soman explains it o well, why sleep is essential to have a healthy life

Well he came up with this idea 2 years back but its never too late to start such a good habit which is so beneficial for your body. Let me know in comment section what do you think about this idea of sleeping 7 hours daily.

I hope you are not reading this article by staying up late at night. :p

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