holistic approach towards fitness.

What does holistic approach towards fitness really mean?

Holistic fitness means mindful and effective approach towards sustainable health and having proper balance between healthy body and mind. It is keeping the body active and mind relaxed.

These days most people tend to forget the importance of mental health and just focus on building muscular strength. Traditional gym workouts build your muscle strength which just leads to attractive and eye pleasing appearance.

If you are the one who loves to workout in the gym, then that’s great, but along with the gym workout you should also devote some time for Yoga, Pilates, meditation etc. which will also improve your flexibility, body balance, and mental health. It will also help you to recover fast from various injuries. As you work on flexibility you muscle performance of hamstring, glutes, uper and lower back also improves

Take small steps regularly to achieve holistic fitness.

If you are an athlete who runs marathons or triathlons then holistic fitness approach is the best way to improve your endurance based workout performance. As being a marathon runner my self, I am well aware of how marathon is a pure test of physical as well as mental strength. And having a great flexible and balanced body also improves your running performance.

Human body is capable of doing amazing and unbelievable stuff if trained properly. The human body should be trained in all aspects of workout including weights, flexibility, running, swimming, trekking etc. It is capable of doing multiple things and the great advantage of doing so is that you are always excited to test your limits by various types of physical workouts. By doing so one will increase stamina in all areas of fitness.

Holistic approach towards fitness is building a healthy lifestyle. It covers all aspects of healthy life such as exercising, eating healthy, having sufficient sleep, meditating, building endurance and flexibility, thinking positive and having good relation with peers.

It is a slow and steady process towards fitness and will test your patience level as well. But the results which you will achieve will be long lasting and fulfilling.

So stay tuned for more insights on holistic approach towards fitness. Let me know in the comment sectiondo you agree to this approach and also what are more ways to achieve holistic fitness, I would love to learn more from you as well.

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