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In the world where fitness is directly related to the appearance, where people focus more on the traditional gym approach which makes your body pleasing to others’ eyes.
We in Get Holistic Fit believe that fitness is much more than muscular strength and physical appearance.
We believe that every individual is beautiful regardless of his weight, height, body posture, etc. and loving yourself is the first step towards fitness.


Get Holistic fit

What to expect from us?


We are one-stop solution to all runners out there. From endurance training to strength training we publish blogs about everything a runner should know.


Mobility and Flexibility training are essential for runners. Yoga assists runners to achieve flexibility which will improve their running performance.


As mentioned earlier we are on a mission to spread awareness of Holistic fitness which also enhances your emotional health. Through meditation, we can build our emotional health.

Why Running?

Well running is the most basic, minimalist and low investment activity to keep yourself fit.

Running is you vs you, it pushes you to be better version of yourself. You have to go through multiple mental barriers to run that extra mile.

You have to take complete control over your mind and keep running, you have to keep going and keep getting better.

Yoga & mindfulness

Yoga brings flexibility, body balance, and mobility which helps improves your running form.

Yoga relaxes your muscles and is one of the great forms of fo recovery. It prevents runners from getting injured.

Running and yoga will help you to get fit…but always remember our goal is to achieve holistic fitness. Hence mindfulness meditation will be of great value to improve our emotional health.

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